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 Steve/Soldier Application

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PostSubject: Steve/Soldier Application   Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:50 pm

When posting an application, follow these guidelines.

Bear in mind, this is a PvESC guild, we concentrate mostly on DoASC, Soosc, UWSC, KathSC, FoWSC etc

I will fill some of the form out as an example with my information

General Information:
Ingame Name: O soldier O
Real Name:Steven
Age: 21
Location and Time Zone: UK GMT/BST
Main Character Proffession: Warrior & Monk (Use Title character here, or your main SC character etc)
Hours Played: 18965 hours
Proffessions Available: All
Installed: Yes
Fluent in English: Yes
Previous Guilds[Alliances]:Zose, War Machine, Generals Twilite, SINS, EVLV, VILE , FaTe, FaTe(bond), FaTe(smf)
Positions in those guilds Alliances: Officer, Officer, Officer, Member, Leeder/Officer, Officer Co Ledder,Member, Officer, Officer

Game Experience: Im just leet is easy to say ive made over 80million gold over 5 years i was a beta playyer in the start
not alot elce to say ive completed all the camp on over 36 charrs.
Campaigns Available and completed: All
Titles Earned: 18 Maxed 19 Neraly Maxed
Dungeons Ran: All that can be run i have run.
Elite missions you have experience with: All
What are your current goals in GW: Get my Fisrt God aftre all its the only thing i need.
Why Do you want to join this guild: Because i was in fate for a very long time over the past few years seems to be like home to me now.
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PostSubject: Re: Steve/Soldier Application   Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:32 pm

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Steve/Soldier Application
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