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 Warmongas re-app

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I post on de forumz
I post on de forumz

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PostSubject: Warmongas re-app   Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:21 pm

hey guys its warmonga again im posting an app to rejoin the guild. i left and had a little quit because my grandma died and i didn't really want to keep playing so i left and quit but now i want back if you guys will accept me.

Ingame Name: warmonga the sin
Real Name: hunter
Age: 15
Location and Time Zone: Pennsylvania East coast timezone
Main Character Proffession: Sin
Hours Played: 2996 hours
Proffessions Available: All but derv para and warrior
Vent installed: Yes
Fluent in English: Yes
Previous Guilds[Alliances]: LOD NM FaTe
Positions in those guilds Alliances: member in LOD leader of NM and officer of FaTe

Game Experience: I have done everything in the game including high-end PvP and i pride myself in saying im pretty good at most of it
Campaigns Available and completed:all
Titles Earned: sin has maxed all eotn titles and LB and r8 ss
Dungeons Ran:use to run all but 2 using sin and i can still run quite a few using ranger or sin
Elite missions you have experience with: Everything and can reroll to most of my characters listed
What are your current goals in GW:I want a Rare chest drop from a dungeon. sounds lame but I NEVER got the best drop from a dungeon in over 1k dungeon attempts
Why Do you want to join this guild: i liked it when i was in it and had a rage quit outta guild and gw when my grandma passed. i wasn't thinking the way i should of and would like back in if you would accept me
Anything Else you wish to add:really sorry and want back in
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Warmongas re-app
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